Filing documents on time

I rarely, if ever, get to write about government documents. This is one of those times.

I intended to have a reading of the President's proclamation for Patriot Day (that is to say, 9-11) for release via the podcast feed. In the past the White House of Bush The Younger had such proclamations released in the Federal Register before the day of the holiday with the exception of 2004-2006. The press office did release the 2004 text before the holiday, though, as can be seen here. For President Obama's first Patriot Day proclamation, I can only find such this morning in the Federal Register although the website was found to have such after one heckuva non-obvious route searching.

Even though the Federal Register is in fact the official source for proclamations, sometimes the White House web site is a useful unofficial source. Unfortunately that is not the case in this instance. There is a page for proclamations and executive orders but as I write it has not been updated since June 23, 2009.

The Office of the Federal Register is helpful in providing time stamps for when documents are filed. Typically in the text-only view online such is found at the end of the file. The past few years of proclamations, for your reading enjoyment, include:

Obama 2009
Bush 2008
Bush 2007
Bush 2006
Bush 2005
Bush 2004
Bush 2003
Bush 2002

If a proclamation is signed but nobody knows about it, does it really matter?

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