Fans outraged by sexy, blonde ‘Anne of Green Gables’ cover

A bit of a kerfluffle at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution about the new cover to an old classic. “Montgomery’s iconic Anne is a high-spirited redhead with freckles and a pointed chin, whereas this new Anne is a languid blond with dark roots, a round face and a come-hither look,” said Irene Gammel, a Montgomery expert Read more about it at:


The publisher removed the picture of the cover from Amazon. You can see the Amazon record here.

BTW this book is out of copyright and any fly by night group can publish the book. The WSJ article was a coup for whatever publisher made this Amazon record because it got people to look at the book.

I'm a little surprised the author removed the cover, since the whole think mostly makes sense as a publicity stunt. As you note, the books are public domain; it was published via CreateSpace, Amazon's print-on-demand division, so the author wasn't risking any money; it was a pretty clever move. Add provocative cover to public domain material; use no-cost methods to publish; wait for controversy to drive sales; cha-ching! (On the other hand, the author/publisher may even have been doing a service by combining three of the books into a reasonably-priced combo.)

The author of Anne of Green Gables is L.M. Montgomery. Are you suggesting that L.M. Montgomery put this book on Amazon?

By "author" I meant whoever put it together and probably added an introduction, certainly not L.M. Montgomery. I was trying to distinguish between the "author" and a typical publisher, since no publisher was involved. But you're absolutely right: Author is the wrong word in this case. Packager?

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