Facebook Exodus

Another Facebook article from the NYTimes, this one about Why People Are Quitting Facebook.


I know it's a quote from the article, but some anecdotal references to friends who quit Facebook means an exodus?

But here is the real reason people leave FB:
Julie Klam says, "everyone’s been found.” And guess what? Everyone is boring.

But that's not really it: I just wanted to see that everyone I knew from long ago is okay. And once I find out, I back off and leave them alone. I went through a period where lots of kids died (lots=6) from AIDS within ten years of graduation, when I get a link to anyone else, I'm just happy to see they're still alive and kicking.

What do you expect from FB? To quote Bill Belichick: "It is what it is." It's not a panacea, it's not a constant source of entertainment. It's like a party...people come and go. It's a social networking site that strives to become more than it is (read: it's a business...duh) I use it to keep track of what my friends and acquaintances are doing and to promote my "business." The best way to protect your personal privacy is to eschew the quizzes and apps. I haven't Superpoked in a long time and don't care which Gilligan's Island character a stupid quiz decides I most closely match. Wisely limit the amount of personal information YOU make available on it. If you feel compelled to leave because it's "boring," you'll most likely find other sites and services that will eventually...bore you. Use it for what it can do - but do so prudently.