Facebook Answers

Is Facebook set to become the 'folk reference desk' of the future? Maybe so, if the rollout of Facebook Answers is a success. From Information Today's <a href="http://newsbreaks.infotoday.com/NewsBreaks/Facebook-Questions--Askcom-Cashing-in-on-Mass-Ignorance-69187.asp">NEWSBREAKS</a>: "What the evangelists of the Semantic Web say is true: the bigger the web gets, the harder it is to find what we want to know. To that end, the perennial concern for providing "answers" has again popped up-and this time indicators point toward a substantive change in the tone of the web, along the lines of the paradigm shift from directories to search engines. Two recent developments typify this change-Facebook Questions and Ask.com..." More at <a href="http://newsbreaks.infotoday.com/NewsBreaks/Facebook-Questions--Askcom-Cashing-in-on-Mass-Ignorance-69187.asp">"Facebook Questions & Ask.com: Cashing in on Mass Ignorance" (link)</a>.


Of course it depends on people answering you atall but it's not an instant service.
The questions I have seen are ones that couldbe easily googled or are things like what is the best steak in town, that you could find from any review website.

Also you can't just get rid of them afterwards, they just sit there with stupid answers from stupid friends of friends.