Excuse Me, How Do You Get to the Library of Congress?

Capitol Police arrested a driver on a street near the Library of Congress after he stopped to ask an officer for directions and a rifle was spotted in the vehicle. A search of the car also turned up a grenade, a pistol and several forms of ammunition, all unregistered. More from NYTimes.


I'm in favor of legal gun ownership, and I could even see how one could transport a secured rifle through DC (not that his was secured) as long as you were traveling interstate.

However I can't figure out why anyone would need a grenade. I think it is funny that the grenade was unregistered. Even I can't figure out how one would go about registering their grenade.

Nice work Capitol Police.

All the lunatic gun toting, unregistered grenade posessing whackjobs give us legal gun owners a bad name.

Where do you even shop for grenades? You can get rifles at the sporting goods store (most of mine came from G&R Sporting Goods in South Buffalo), but grenades - that would be a tough way to hunt. Governor Palin may be able to field dress a moose, but not if she took it with a grenade. :)

N.B. I was looking for an answer to the How do you get to.... question based on the practice, practice, practice joke, but read, read, read just didn't work. There is comedy gold somewhere in an answer to that question, but I can't find it.

Great armaments, guy, but has it ever occurred to you that maybe a GPS unit would be helpful? Hell, I'm a pacifist and I don't regret the $100 I paid for mine on Woot.

Guns get their owners in all sorts of trouble. Once a person purchases a handgun to protect himself or his family, his odds of becoming a statistic increase by a factor of seventeen!!! More people die by their own hands than by the hands of others using handguns. This occurs year after year after year. Most others are killed by someone they know.

Once in a great while, though, some guy shoots a burglar and makes the front page of the local newspaper. Big hero! This happened here in Florida recently. Seems a homeowner heard a noise in the deep of the night. Went to the front door, where a stranger was standing. The stranger forced his way inside, where the homeowner shot him to death. Turned out the stranger lived down the street a door or two, and was confused. Thought he was home. Homeowner gets to live with it rest of his life.

Hand guns are so useless.