Excuse me, Do You Deliver?

So I pick up a reference call the other day, and this gentleman on his cell phone asks me if I can help him out. I reply that I would give it a shot, depending on what he wants. He says that he wants surprise this girl. I ask why he would need a reference librarian’s help with that… “I want to surprise her with some lunch, but I do not know any places that deliver in her area.”

“What type of food does she like?” I ask, using my reference interview skills.

“You pick”, he says.

“How about some Chinese food?” I reply, thinking that this would be the most likely possibility.

“Sounds good.”

I look in the phone book for a few places and supply him with a few numbers.

“Thanks man, and what is your name?” he asks

“Steven Cohen, why do you want to know that, in case the food stinks? I can’t be responsible for that you know, “ I say

“No, just in case these places don’t deliver, I can call you back. Thanks for your help.”

“No problem,” I reply, and hang up the phone.

If you have any funny reference encounters, please send them in, and we will put them in the Friday funnies column.

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