Ewe get a car! Ewe get a car! EWE GET A CAR!

So I am watching the new BBC/Discovery episode of 'Life,' and don't get me wrong, I love nature shows. I am a self professed Shark Week Geek, yeah, I know that sharks don't evolve each year but I still watch it every year.
But I cannot get into this series like I did with its predecessor, 'Planet Earth.' It's not the visuals that I am disappointed with, I have 52 inches of 1080i HD real-estate.

It's the audio. Why is the States' version devoid of Sir David Attenborough --- again!??!
You know, I let the fact that 'Planet Earth' was commented by the Alien movies lady slip by, most likely because of all the eye candy this ground breaking series had to offer. But the second time around, it is going to take more than that for me to believe all the hype. Not only is the US version "dumbed down" but Oprah's narration is unimpressive and does the series no justice. Score one for the Brits.

As the saying goes, the sequel is never better than the original.

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