Evacuee returns library book 60 years late


This is London has this story on a 73 year old man in England, borrowed The Bulpington Of Blup by HG Wells from Clapton library in August 1939, and just returned it this week, the funny thing is he paid his fine!

At least he wasn\'t Arrested!

\"He noticed on the flyleaf that the fine for overdue books in 1939 had been a penny (1d) a week. He calculated he had kept the book for 3,145 weeks, which he converted to £13.25, before sending back the book with a cheque for the same amount. \"Adrian White, head of Hackney library service, said the book will be exhibited in the new Hackney Museum which opens next year. \"We are very grateful it has been returned, even if it missed the due date by six decades,\" he said.

\"But if we were talking about the current fine for overdue books, he would be looking at a fine of £1,572.\"