An E-Reader Easy Reader

iPad, Kobo, Kindle and Nook:
On which is best to read a book?

I like my print books
but thoses supposes that we will buy
all that they proposes.
Should we change
and accept what they choses,
and leave behind what's been
right under our noses?

I will decide, but not without asking,
"Which form is best for my multitasking?"

"Can I read an ebook in the can?"
You can, you can, yes, in the can.

"On a jet? On a jet? Can I read it on a jet?"
But to stay aloft, shun the Internet.

"Can I read it on a boat?"
Yes, on a mu'fu'ing boat, quote unquote.

"Can I share my ebook with Cousin Kent?"
If, DRM, you first circumvent.

I thank you for answers
that are now in my head
although I've thought thoughts
that will remain unsaid.
And I wonder if,
like Moore's Law has spread,
that as technology doubles it creates
more technology that's dead.

And if that's so, a thought that I do dread...
Then I think I'll stick with print instead.

(yeah, I don't think this is getting published, either. thank you for your time. happy holidays.)

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I love it!! Thanks for the chuckle!
Merry Christmas to ya!

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