End of Summer Reading Challenges, and the Librarian Has Promised...

Here, at the Montgomery (AL) City-County Public Library Hampstead Branch, the librarian has agreed to kiss a pig if the kids read 1,000 books this summer.

We hear of dyeing hair green, jumping off a roof...what unusual deals have you or your colleagues made as promises to your summer reading program groups? Please add comments!


I'm getting a mohawk! Wooo!

We asked teens to turn in 60 reading logs (5 books per log). If they made it happen, the Children's Librarian would get to give me a mohawk. We received 85 and my date with destiny is this coming Saturday. Wish me luck!

Marlan Brinkley, YA Librarian
Sandy Springs Branch, a member of the Atlanta-Fulton Public Library

Our library director promised to kiss a pig for a reading challenge once, too. She kind of cheated, though. Kissed an itty bitty piglet. It was so cute, we all wanted to snuggle it.

This is a great idea. I work in an academic library, and I think students might be into something like this as well. The wheels are turning, thank you!

Had to share this one from Muscatine, IA.

One year our librarians agreed that if our teen patrons could read 1000 books, the teens could throw whipped cream pies at us. Of course the teens achieved their goal and then some.

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