Elsevier stopped me doing my research

Submitted byKevin (not verified)on Thu, 11/19/2015 - 12:26

They broke the terms and conditions of usage.
All they needed to do was talk to Elsevier to see if they could work on the project together.
They are not stopping the research, lack of planning and ignoring the contract your university has with Elsevier stopped your research. Planning ahead, talking to the Library staff and the OWNER of the content would have been a good start.

Full disclosure, I downloaded approximately 30GB of data from Sciencedirect in approximately 10 days. This boils down to a server load of 35KB/s, 0.0021GB/min, 0.125GB/h, 3GB/day.

Approximately two weeks after I started downloading psychology research papers, Elsevier notified my university that this was a violation of the access contract, that this could be considered stealing of content, and that they wanted it to stop. My librarian explicitly instructed me to stop downloading (which I did immediately), otherwise Elsevier would cut all access to Sciencedirect for my university.

From Chris H.J. Hartgerink's Notebook