Eight universities to host free innovative hybrid conference

State-of-the-art technology joins two presentation campuses and six remote campuses, plus online attendees, in Open Access discussion MacLearning.org, a community for educators who use Apple and Apple-related technologies, announced an innovative May 14th conference -- AcademiX 2010. The conference, in its second year, will be attended by educators world-wide, using streaming technology that joins presenters and attendees at MIT and Northwestern University with attendees at six virtual conference campuses -- Duke University, Princeton University, San Diego State University, The University of Kansas, University of Minnesota, and University of New Mexico -- and online. Designed to overcome shrinking higher ed budgets by providing a no-travel online option and the convenience of six remote campuses, the free simulcast conference consists of six twenty-minute presentations. Participants from all locations will be able to interact with one another and the presenters. <!--break--> Presentations include "Innovation and Open Access in Scholarly Journal Publishing," "This is How We Think: Learning in Public After the Paradigm Shift," "Commons-Based Licensing and Scholarship: The Next Layer of the Network," New Channels for Learning: Podcasting Opportunities for a Distance University,", "Education for a Mobile Generation," and "The Digital Natives Are Getting Restless: the Student Voice of the Open Access Movement." AcademiX 2010 is offered to individuals engaged in the production, distribution, and use of scholarly communications who are either employed by, or attend, institutions of Higher Education. The intended audiences are faculty, administrators, instructional technologists, developers, librarians and students. An integral part of AcademiX 2010 is the Conference Connect online conference system. The system is available to all AcademiX 2010 participants, whether attending at an in-person event or via the web. ConferenceConnect will provide a detailed multi-day agenda, a participant directory, participant response surveys, session-based back channel chat rooms, online evaluations, local area information, open resource links and much more. The software's "mobile learning space" is complementary to the AcademiX conference, and is used before, during, and after the conference. For more information, visit http://academix.maclearning.org About MacLearning MacLearning.org is an open community that promotes effective pedagogical use of Apple and related third-party technologies. Our mission is to encourage innovative education through the open exchange of information, solutions, and ideas. Contact: Chris Brewer [email protected] 48 Rossford Avenue Fort Thomas, KY 41075 USA Ph: 859-653-2749 ###