E-books: Its a brave new world

After all the e-book news this week, ZDnet offers its perspective on the issue.
One big publishing house entered the electronic book market Tuesday and two more joined with tech giant Microsoft Inc. to offer popular titles in a burgeoning market they say will revolutionize the way people read in the 21st century.\"
\"But even as the so-called \"e-book\'\' market was being touted as a boon for readers and authors alike, some in the traditional book world questioned just how sure new-media marketers could be that people will actually want to download novels to computers or portable electronic devices, rather than simply curling up in bed or on a sofa with a good book.\"
\"\"Most observers think mass-market acceptance of e-books is still a few years away,\" said John Baker, editor of Publisher\'s Weekly. \"Indeed, whether anyone will actually want to download books is moot.\'\'

Baker cited the excitement 10 years ago over CD-ROM publishing: \"People were sinking large amounts in it, and now it\'s only in some kids\' education and reference works.\'\'

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