At the E-book Burning.

There was an e-book burning held.

There was a speech about the evils of the book. And the crowd cheered because they believed what they had been told about evil.

Then the reading device was raised high so that all could see, but not very much because the print was so small on the screen even though they had chosen the largest font available. Someone in the crowd commented that they would have been able to see the cover image so much better on his iPad.

The Leader opened the Content Manager from the Menu. The buttons were small, so it was a little difficult.

Then Selected the Title.

Then Selected Remove Selected Item and Confirmed the removal. No one in the crowd was sure that anything had happened, but they cheered anyway.

There were no flames. There was no Press coverage. No spectacle.

With e-books, you can burn the device, but you can't burn the book.

What will tyrants do?

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They will need to provide masks for attendees and possibly first-aid. Farenheit 902?

It is better than burning real books for e-books!