Dr. Laura prescribes Internet filters


LISnews has been following the filtering debate in MI, now
the over opinionated Dr. Laura has jumped in. Michigan
has the story HERE. The list of nationaly
known people pushing for filtering is growing by the

\"It is another individual from outside this
community that isn\'t aware of what is or isn\'t going on in
the Herrick District Library,\" said Gary Pullano, library

Dr. Laura has pointed her moral compass to Holland.
Laura Schlessinger, syndicated radio talk show host and
advice guru to millions, is jumping into the local Internet
filter debate.

She is encouraging Holland residents to vote yes on a local
ballot measure to force Herrick District Library to install
Internet filters to block pornography.
She posted a message on her Web site, drlaura.com
\"One Feb. 22nd ballot measure in Michigan gives Dr. Laura
\"Warriors\" a chance to stand up for families,\"Two other groups endorsed the measure over the weekend:
Concerned Women for America, and the Michigan Family Forum,
a state affiliate of James Dobson\'s Focus on the Family.
The crusade for the ballot question was begun by the
American Family Association.
The Family Research Council, a spinoff from Dobson\'s
organization, also has spoken out for the initiative.
Republican presidential candidate Steve Forbes reportedly
will be in Holland on Wednesday to lobby for filters.
Some local officials have been critical of the parade of
outside interests pulling Holland\'s library into a national

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