Do It Online

You can order holds online, read books online, review and discuss them online and now, in Seattle, you can pay your overdue fees and printing & copying charges online as well. Seattlest reports: Are you a teensy bit ashamed of the overdue library book fines that have incrementally accrued over the months and thus managed to worm their way into your guilty conscience? If you’re too embarrassed to go into your local branch of the Seattle Public Library wearing a scarlet “O” to pay your fines, you can now clear your account from the comfort of your own home with the SPL’s new online payment system. (In fact, you can only pay your overdue fines if they’ve piled up to be worth at least $1.) Starting today, the SPL is accepting payment by credit card, debit card or at PayPal. There is no service charge for making a payment online — and while the transaction is processed using PayPal, a PayPal account isn’t required. An added bonus for library cardholders who frequently print from SPL computers is the capability to add money to their accounts to pay for such services. Overdue fines can also still be paid in person by cash, check or money order.