Did You Meet The Love of Your Life @ Library School?

Clarion University of Pennsylvania has a page on Facebook, and is inviting its members to relate stories of how they met their significant other at library school. They also have a page of couples photos on the site.

Here's their page on facebook; as Valentine's Day is nearly upon us, please add your own love story in the comments. Did you meet that someone special at a lecture, in the library, in the cafeteria or at the gym? Let us know, and of course where & when you went to library school.

Thanks to Kelly Palma for the tip!


We had no weddings and no real dating going on with my graduating class at Clarion.
Stephen Michael Kellat, MSLS

We met in the very last class each of us took before getting our degrees.

This is too funny.....

I was in SLIS when I met the man I've been dating for 8 years...but he wasn't!

Considering my class.....I don't think I could stand it!

I met my husband on the day I moved to Denver to start library school (University of Denver, in June of 1974). We met through a mutual friend; he helped as I moved into the dorm. We started living together that very day! Moved out of the dorm and into an apartment near campus soon after.

You started living together, as in....you were a couple sleeping in the same room? On the very first day you met?

Man, I heard the 70s were a wild time, but I never knew the extent of it.

...and the sixties were even wilder.

we started going out about a month after I got to library school and continued for about four years.

then she got those cats and it was all downhill from there. oh, how those cats would lie to her and tell her how much better she would be with just them and not me. and how can a regular guy compete against cats? with that purring and how they cover their poop with litter. I can hardly remember to put the seat down. (this second part is made up. we split because it's America, and that's what couples do.)


it's funny that Clarion launches this site just as it quietly shutters its offsite campuses in Philadelphia. Unless I plan to start online dating, I won't be meeting any potential partners at Clarion anytime soon....

I met my mate as he gave the library orientation on my first day of library school, though we didn't get together until almost a year later.

If you would have suggested I date any of the men I went to Clarion Lib school with, I would have shot myself in the face. Nuff said.