A day or month in the life of the.effing.librarian

I came across a discussion about what a librarian does which led me to the wiki: http://librarydayinthelife.pbwiki.com/.

And it made me wonder what-the-hell-do-I-do-all-day? So I thought about it and this is what I mostly have been doing lately...
Regular duties: troubleshoot pc, printer, wi-fi, database issues; answer system-wide email; work virtual and actual reference desk; help wherever needed; other crap I can’t think of at the moment.

Sample of what I’ve done during June-July.
weeded 50 books (another 50 today, but it's August);
requested 300 books (someone else places the order);
shot and edited video for upload to youtube;
ordered equipment replacements and budgeted items for purchase;
edited system-wide training materials;
edited my web pages;
produced monthly system-wide posters, training schedules and promotional materials;
brought cookies to my co-workers;
edited monthly programs to fit into PowerPoint show displayed in library;
assisted with pc and projector and sound set-up for public programs;
taught seven instructional classes to public;
monthly, quarterly and annual stats;
prepped supervisor’s laptop for webcast;
discussed presenting long-distance webcast with instructor from NY;
attended day-long workshop;
blogged my ass off;
other crap I dump from memory after I leave work.

Also, I’ve made 5 of these presentations this summer: from list of titles provided to me, edited book descriptions, collected cover images, created one or two slides in PowerPoint for each book (around 175 slides total for the 5 presentations); saved slides as .png images formatted for high-quality svcd display (easy); dumped images into Nero Vision Express, added slide transitions and timing; burned slideshow to CD as svcd program for playing on DVD player in lobby to promote the books. Yeah, I did this because one day I had nothing to do and thought it would be a fun project.

And I do whatever anyone asks me to do.

June and July were kind of busy for me: I had a health issue where I thought I might die, and I was buying a house (which didn't work out... neither thing, since I'm still houseless and still alive, darn).

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I didn't come close to dying (any closer than any other month - although I did ride in the car while my mother drive that is pretty close)

I went to the office most days and I thought about stuff.
I went to budget meetings and prioritized the stuff I want done this FY for enterprise search where I work.
I went to a global search summit where people that work in the various territories where the firm for which I work is present -NL,UK,ZA, CA, US, and a few others I forgot I'm sure discussed what they are doing in their territories. Used my search strategy document as a model for global search strategy. Had lots of meals and happy hours for that.
Had meetings for a couple of hours each day with my assistant.
Refined my 24-36 month roadmap.
Did my annual development plan, approved the dev plans of the person that reports to me.
Thought about more stuff.
Got paid twice.

That's my month. Now I am preparing for a hurricane. That involves getting mom a plane ticket to Buffalo and a room at the Red Roof Inn in Williamsville.

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