David Lankes on Nerd Absurd


This week’s episode is super cool. We got David Lankes, a professor of information studies at Syracuse University (also known as the world’s best public speaker), to talk to us about libraries. We thought we’d have a grand debate on the topic of libraries and electronic media, but what we actually had was a wide-ranging discussion about knowledge and access to knowledge. We’re wicked happy that we got such a great guy on our show, and we’ll happily have him back on any time his little heart desires!

Listen to full piece here.


Hi, I'm Nick from the Nerd Absurd Podcast. Thanks for the re-post. I hope you enjoyed the podcast and that it brought forward some questions. Please ask them in the comments on nerdabsurd.com. We are constantly thinking about our rights to knowledge and would love to bring David Lankes back to eloquently speak on the subject more.

Thanks again and I hope you enjoy the podcast,

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