Cycling for Libraries

Librarians on bikes, unite! From the website:

We (Finnish librarian Kai Halttunen, Tampere University) – me with a team of keen library lovers – will arrange this tour supported by library associations and collaborators in different countries and I am sure it will be an unforgettable experience for all you who like cycling, get-together and passionate and visionary conversations about a variety of library topics.

Our aim is also to bring libraries, their highly proactive staff and the work all librarians do more to publicity and media. We mean to make this public by using internet and social media and making a documentary about how we handle this challenge of cycling 650 km --from Copenhagen to Berlin in spring-summer 2011 (We leave Copenhagen 28.05.2011 and arrive in Berlin 05.06.2011; 6th and 7th of June we have programme in Berlin).

We all know that good ideas are generated in cafes and hallways and not so much on lecture halls’ benches or somewhere we expect them to generate. That is why we go to this courageous venture of cycling about 10 days together – to see what kind of spectacular performances the library staff can reach if they just wish to. This is a challenge for you, and I hope that you accept it. Let’s go cycling for libraries! The participation is open to all librarians and everybody interested in the field of libraries.

Stay tuned by following this site or our Facebook page.


This will be a conference like no other conference! Registration opens early February 2011, stay tuned folks :)

~Mace Ojala/Cycling for libraries

This sounds like a great venture for libraries. I would love to join in. I am a bicycle commuting librarian from Nashville, Tennessee. I love being a librarian and promoting books and technology. One of my favorite quotes is that "books and bikes both take you places without wasting anything, and a good day is riding your bike to the library." I will ride with you in spirit over here in Tennessee.

Cheers, you won't be alone joining us in spirit; several people have said they're doing their own rides at the same time when the main group is moving from Copenhagen to Berlin. A few colleagues in the USA and Canada at least, from i've heard :)

~Mace Ojala

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