Court flunks high schoolers' appeal on plagiarism database

"Can plagiarism-busting website archive complete student papers for use in its detection database? Four high school students claimed copyright infringement, but a federal appeals court says it's just fair use."

Full article here.

Personal aside: My brother is a professor at a local college in the area. He finds this sort of funny business in student's papers at least once every school year. While some of it is easy to find (font, font size, and spacing change throughout the paper), he relies on search engines to check out phrases that seem out of place based on the student's writing. Services like TurnItIn are a valuable resource for educators.

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I actually think this is a great service... And I never actually understood why people would think it was okay to turn in other peoples' work as their own. I suppose some people are so lazy as to not even be able to gather up not one original thought of their own.


You reminded me of an email I sent a while back to my brother which talks about paper mills (companies that sell academic papers). The scary one is the person asking for a 200 page dissertation to be written. Yeah, I want an aircraft to be designed by someone like that.

Article here. (I found it via Andrew Sullivan)