Costume Advice: How to Dress Like a Librarian


Costume Advice: How to Dress Like a Librarian:
Wear a lanyard, and attach as much crap to it as possible: t pass, work badge, several keys...
Wear glasses similar to those that Angela used to rock on "Who's the Boss?"
Wear book-themed jewelry
Wear sensible shoes


I'm a librarian. Here are links to the items that I wore to work today. My thumb drive lanyard was well-hidden under my nice collar.
(this jacket--but my shirt had a green ruffle and was less open than the one shown)
(nice boots!) AND
(for when I was outside; but my coat is a classic Holt Renfrew one, something like the one pictured)

Stylin', no?

great boots!

You can afford designer clothes on a librarian's salary...