Confront Censors


has a reprint of the speech given by
Paul McMasters at the Maine Librarians

\"Just about every type of speech
one can think of is under attack today: sexual speech,
violent speech, hate speech, unpatriotic speech,
\"coarse\" speech, uncivil speech.\"
No medium of expression or communication is safe
from this savaging: art, literature, music, television,
movies, the Internet.

These battles are not far-away abstractions to the
nation\'s librarians.

In nearly every community across the land, library staffs
and directors face constant and continuing battles to
protect the materials they hold in our name.

In Zeeland, Mich., School Superintendent Gary Feenstra
unilaterally banned the Harry Potter books by Scottish
author J.K. Rowlings from the school library. As you
know, this is part of widespread efforts to censor or
boycott the popular children\'s books.

Last week in Port Orchard, Wash., the school board
denied a place on the required reading list to David
Guterson\'s award-winning and bestselling novel, Snow
Falling on Cedars, about the internment of
Japanese-Americans during World War II.

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