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Cites & Insights 12:9 (October 2012) available

The October 2012 issue of Cites & Insights (12:9) is now available for downloading at

The issue is 24 pages long. A single-column 6x9" version, designed for online reading (and optimized for online display rather than printing), 46 pages long, is at (It's a much smaller file than the two-column version, if that's an issue.)

The issue contains the following essays, available as HTML separates through the links below (if you're viewing a web page) or from
The Front:
Give Us a Dollar and We'll Give You Back Four (2012-2013) pp. 1-4

Information on my new book, designed to be a tool for public libraries aiming to improve or retain funding, including its availability as an $11.99 PDF, $21.95 paperback or $31.50 hardcover. While it's a tool, it's also an interesting set of detailed tables on the activities of public libraries--if you're numerate, since the tables deliberately lack textual commentary.

Thinking About Blogging, Part 2 pp. 4-19

The second part of the two-part essay that began in the September 2012 issue, this one's almost entirely by and about librarians and libraries--and the stopping and starting of blogs.

The Liblog Landscape: Where Are They Now? pp. 19-24

Those of you who knew about the various studies under the rubric "Liblog Landscape" may have figured out that there wasn't a 2011 version and isn't going to be a 2012 version. But I still had a spreadsheet with the most complete list of English-language liblogs ever assembled (I'm pretty sure)--and it only required a few hours to see how the 1,304 liblogs that began before June 1, 2010 were doing in late July 2012. This piece summarizes the results and links to a webpage with that liblog list in two parts.



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