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if your mission is to get information to the people, then, yeah, libraries are going to have to buy ereaders and iPads and every other piece of crap that the people want.
but don't pretend that this will fix anything. the divide will exist and we won't be making anything better. we will just keep playing catch-up with all the schmucks who can afford to buy the newest toys.

so I seem to be hearing that it's okay to leave those people behind, the ones who won't ever be able to use the information because they can't afford the gadgets or because they'll never learn how to use them.

I guess my point is that we need to find the easiest path for our members to get the information. for some, the easiest path is through their tablets and phones, and for others it's print. so don't give up on print. because it's a technology that still works, very well.

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