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I think one objection folks may have to the idea of a "rockstar" or "celebrity" librarian is, well...have you SEEN the way some celebs behave? Personally, I think it would rock the house if every wannabe celeb conducted him/herself like either Morgan Freeman or Susan Sarandon: with humility, grace and class. Spare us all from the Lindsey Lohan, Paris Hilton, or Russell Crowe librarians...

Seriously, though, you raise some excellent points here, ones I can't really dispute. The question is, I think, should librarians be positioning themselves as "rockstars," or as alternatives to our current rockstar culture?

Unless, of course, the rockstar we're talking about is Elvis Costello. In that case, forget I said anything. ;)

Tongue in cheek, but still concerned with the gravitas of the situation,

Leigh Anne V.

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