Make $171

I just got SPAMMED by someone promising I can make $171, I wonder if they did a study and found that $171 is the magic number that the largest number of suckers will reply to. I can make several million through a friendly fellow from Nigeria, why would I waste my time on only $171? LISHost gets at least 80% more SPAM than legitimate email now. Email, in it's current state is simply broken, I have no solutions but something needs to be done.

Trying to get back on track after a few days away is proving to be difficult this time. I'm not sure why, but I'm not jumping right back into my old routines like I usually do, most likely because I've just been so damn tired lately. Traveling for work is a drag, but it beats sitting home on unemployment, so I can't complain. I wonder if there are other librarians who travel more than I do? I never thought I'd have a library job that required a hard hat, steel toed boots, and frequent travel. Anywho, my point here was, I'm dragging, and it'll be awhile till I get caught up apparently. Luckily LISNews is a collaborative blog and it won't suffer thanks to everyone else. Aaron is out in CA attempting to climb to the top of a big rock, he's the tattooed, dog owning, rock climbing, mountain biking librarian. He's quite the little stereotype buster, though no one is perfect, he's also a Morrissey fan, and a vegetarian. The latter being more easily overlooked than the former.

Steven M. Cohen is putting together an interesting track on collaboration for CIL next year, plan on seeing some of us LISNewsterz there. I've really been slacking on my conference attendance this year.


That 171 might come from the comments appended to the the entry for the July numbers of hits. In on message, you abbreviated the 171,000 down to just 171, and you used it three or four times in that comment.

Somebody is probably refining their web crawlers.