Woman translates love for books into online business


There is an interesting article in the Mail Tribune about a woman that started an online bookstore in her garage. She list her books on ABE.com and obtains her inventory from garage sales, eBay, bookstore liquidations, and thrift stores.


I do the same thing, but extremely part-time.

My inventory tends to run between 100 and 150 titles, with sales prices ranging from $5 to $120. I move about a dozen books a month. I list through Amazon because at my small volume the fees workout better. Plus it seems to be a higher-traffic, higher volume site.

My daughter will be starting day care in the fall, and I might see if I can ramp things up to a level similar to the woman described in the article. She's right, by the way about popular fiction being worthless in the resale market and esoteric non-fiction being the big money maker. Supply and demand.

My current favorite research tool for pricing/availability is BookFinder4U.com.

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