Orlando Op-Ed Criticizes ALA Hypocrisy


The Friends of Cuban Libraries writes "From today's Orlando Sentinel: 'Ramon Colas will set up his booth at the ALA's reading-fest today in Orlando, hoping to drive home to the nation's librarians that freedom to read without fear of government persecution is not just an American value. It's a basic human right... If America's premier organization for defending free speech can't make that connection, it loses all credibility on the Patriot Act.'

The full text of this hardhitting op-ed can be read in the Recent News section of the Friends of Cuban Libraries website: (www.friendsofcubanlibraries.org)"


American Library Association advocates have been hypocritical in other areas. Our cities' public libraries have censored their very own public archival collections of themselves as municipal and county governmental entities including our cities' departments archives at our cities' public libraries. Denial of public access affects our public libraries staff and public libraries unions collective bargaining labor relations advocates. Grey literature of our cities' public libraries and the collection, acquisition and accession of other local government public documents need greater attention of ALA advocates. The people should be able to use our cities' public libraries to study their local municipal departments of government. Recruiting people to public service in municipal governments entails making available the materials to study our local governments.

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A comment illustrating the deflecting ironical hypocritical attitudes of some people interested, concerned or affected by library practices!

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