Driver 8

I think the PCs for Everyone (yay!) PCs with their cool card readers need an update of their drivers. I suspect this because a message keeps popping up about mass storage devices being improperly unplugged.

I suspect it's the card reader, because I don't honestly think that ten Intel motherboards right in a row could have faulty USB hookups. I do however believe ten came with the case card readers could.

I am downloading the drivers now. The tech guys basically agreed with me, but suggested disconnecting the card readers from the motherboard to see if perhaps I could get the problem to stop first. Then they mentioned that yes, there is a firmware update to the card reader. My money's on that.

The ATM line totally messed up today, and according to the network (I am, fortunately, unable to touch anything that might help or hinder them in this regard) we spent most of the day on backup. Which means our lone librarian in the branch had no internet, as for some strange reason our branch isn't on the main ATM line. She also told me her IBM sucked. Of course, we were all in IBM suckland as of three days ago. She is getting a Dell which I cleaned up and reconfigured to run faster and jump higher. At least, I took the bogging it down programs off and left it feel much less bloated. Except for that whole Windows thing.

One for the baby book: I changed my first iMac battery. Except for having shaky hands from medication, it wasn't too hard to put in.

I really hate dial up. With Opera, I have four tabs and a transfer open, and things are just crawling. I am all one for instant gratification.

Today I heard a patron on her way to the library damn an old woman to hell because she wasn't moving fast enough. The public is so nice sometimes.

It was the first Friday of the summer schedule. It was nice. We were full staff, all day. I actually finished up putting Horizon and on all the boxes, as well as making the individual tweaks I knew everyone would want. Some people love Netscape. Some people have programs they want transferred.

My boss said it's part computer technician part therapist when it comes to switching over boxes. In some ways, they're like cars and people get emotionally attached to them.

I can see why. If mine wasn't a backstabbing SOB, I probably would be attached to it. I am attached to the ubercomputer, after all.

I have to hit the ubercomputer with a can of compressed air soon. It's a mess. We have a filter on one of the fans, but that still leaves a lot of nooks and crannies for the blasted dust and dog hairs to get in.

In a non-computer, non-library note, tomorrow we are going to try to purchase a largish sort of grove of yellow bamboo for our garden. We got some dwarf bisetti last year and managed to kill it. Something about having to fertilize it or something. Actually, in our defense, it is coming back, just not as fast as I'd like.


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