Friday... last day of parochial school

It's the last day of the troublesome student's parochial school. For some reason, it seems that all the kids that come out of this school in the afternoon are so fired up. Some just run. Some mouth off. Some pull fire alarms. Some do all three.

The little cherubs get out insanely early in the morning, at ten (I am wondering why they bothered to schedule school at all. What, are they there an hour and leave?). I am hoping that the momsies and dadsies don't see fit to leave their cherubs at the library all day. By the time I'm on reference at 2 they'll be bored out of their angelic skulls.

We had actually sort of a sad discussion the other day, about how libraries have changed even since I was cherub a mere twenty or so years ago. Not that a library is a sacred place, but the respect is lacking. And it's not just the "kids today." It's lacking with adults too. Seemingly sane, perfectly capable people will argue with you over the rules.

Why do I need a library card to use the computer? Why can't I have two cards in the system? Why do I have to use pencil in special collections? Why are you only open these hours? Why do I need to be a resident to use the museum passes? How come I have to pay my overdue fines?

Is it just libraries, or is it everywhere? I mean, do judges get this type of crap in court? Why do I have to show up for trial on time? Why do I have to wait for my turn to speak?

We seem to have solved our Google Images issues. They have written a script (not me, I wish) that prevents users from disabling the "Safe Search" feature in Google. You can still get some racy stuff, but it's nothing near what you get with Google's filter disabled.


The troublesome kid is from parochial school. Narc on him to a nun. I always thought that nuns were onmiscient, so tell the nun what a little snot he is being and let the nun give him heck for it. Perpetuate the myth that nuns are all knowing, the Parochial schools need your help.

Oh, the judges get it too. Some of the stories I've heard from a friend who's an assistant D.A. make me whimper at the total inanity of some people.