summer begins

Summer officially begins at the library this evening at six. We are switching to our summer schedule. Yay. As much as I like having Fridays off, it certainly sucks coming in on Saturdays.

Can I share with you my dislike for the (cough) iPac? Sheesh. I can not get the damned thing to work right from home.

Does anyone here teach HTML at their libraries? I'm thinking it might be a good thing to keep the kids occupied (and some of the adults) and I can perhaps do some other library material tie ins... But in my initial searching I'm seeing very few libraries doing this and I'm sort of wondering why... You know, if there's a particular reason for this.


We offer classes on Word, Windows, and Basic Internet, but we have computers where people can use Word and also go online. We tried doing email once but it was a nightmare because of the individual nature of the service and the fact that they all came back a few days later not remembering what their logins were or how to get on (I'm talking about mainly an older crowd). With HTML I would think they are also going to want to know about setting up a page somewhere and what it will cost if anything and will they be able to edit at the library? In other words they are going to want to customize it to them, right then and there. There are some great kid's book on learning HTML that I usually point people to when they ask about learning on their on.

Why not offer it as a carrot on a stick? Each kid gets a red or blue token (non-transferable) for good behavior and self-policing for crowd control. After 10 tokens, they get to have some perks, and one might be a class in computer geeky stuff like creating a web page at the library site, learning scanning, creating a blog, or html.