the fat lady's singing

Remember a few weeks back when I called the cops on those kids? Today they pulled the fire alarm... well, accidently, I'm sure, but they were doing stuff they weren't supposed to or the thing would never have went off. So, me, the assistant director, and a few others threw them out (there's a lot of them.) They needed to go back in and get their stuff. We let them, and they lingered. So I went to get them out. Again.

It was the usual crap. "I didn't do it." "It was so and so." "I don't know why you're blaming me."

Okay, is this bad? There's this one girl. I just hate her face. She gets this total whiny thing going on and tries to convince you that she's the perfect angel. When she senses you aren't buying it she starts talking back. But the look she gets on her face... ugh.

So today she went through this whole thing. And I told her point blank I didn't care, she was as guilty of pulling it as everyone else in that group out there.

So I'm talking to the assistant director in the lobby and I hear them say, "That fat woman is an asshole." I think meaning me, or possibly the circ staff woman who wouldn't let them back in. Either way. They get nary an inch with me now. The fat lady has sung.

It's sort of amusing. Now I'm ticked off at them, and that's good. I tend to be lenient. They seem to think that I'm the uppity up that runs the place. I seem to be the one that ultimately gets to throw that particular group out.

And I am the one that called the cops.

The rest of the day, however, went remarkably well. The switch caused a few minor interruptions, but not bad. There was a problem with the (cough) iPac. Network got to fix that though, I have no control, nor do I want any, of those servers.

I breathed one more breath of life into my desktop PC. I think it's just exceptionally easy to short out. After discharging electricity three or four times from it, it finally started again. Swearing and pretending to kick it helped.

I also found the iMac battery I needed. No thanks to the Radio Shack down the street. I wanted to just roll in and buy them, but of course they had no idea what I was asking for when I called. So I ordered them online.

I even got a good start on some bureaucratic stuff I need to take care of. Hopefully Saturday will bring a few more hours to devote to that.

Do I look fat in these pants?


About the only thing that I have learned in my life is that the only response to

Do I look fat in these pants?

is to feign deafness.

If they point out that you're fat, look down at yourself and exclaim: "Oh my god, I _am_ fat! When did that happen????" I heard a comedian use that once, can't remember who or where I saw it, but I love it. It just totally throws the other person off.

And don't worry about disliking kids on sight--there have been a handful of children that I've dealt with over the years that I have strongly disliked. It was usually apparent to me by the second or third time I dealt with them that I really didn't like them. They didn't necessarily do anything to cause me to dislike them, I just did.

Obviously, I'm professional enough to not let that influence how I deal with them and to not show it to the child. Most of the time it wasn't the so called "bad" kids; I don't know why I didn't like them...but I did.

I look at it the same way as my coworkers--I don't like all of them, but I can get along with them.