Life's Unanswered [Reference] Questions


Lee Hadden writes: "If you are interested in Reference Services, be glad you don't
routinely get questions like these. Try these (for fun) Life's Unanswered
Reference Questions:

To which we add, "Why did someone ask this question of ME?"


Would you help arrange for me to read any public background information about our public library, how it works backstage behind the scenes so to speak so I can use our public library more effectively?...

Would you help arrange for me to read public background information about our city public library?... There're a number of concerns that affect public library personnel here and getting more information about how things are done or how things are supposed to be at our public institution would be enpowering and make it easier to improve things that need change.Ë™

Advocates for public library unions collective bargaining labor relations at our public library need more public background information about the institution to more forward on things that need changing. Would you help arrange for more public background i nformation to be available?... about our public library, for example departments heads reports, public library consultants' studies and public library consultants' reports.∞l

How come the people who compile these long lists and then endlessly circulate them around the internet by forward-spamming them to everyone in their address books are always so quick to complain about how little time they have to generate productive work?