The day of living switch

Okay, it might not be striking fear in your heart, but it's making me a little uneasy.

We're doing a hotswap, so any one PC will only be down a few minutes, and only the ones that are in the hubs presently. I wish I'd had time to go down and see exactly which ones those are, but they seem to be mostly the second floor.

Life got in the way of systems again. Sigh.

I am more concerned, however, about my Mac battery problem. It seems Apple makes only a few of that type of battery for that type of iMac, and they're a real bitch to get. I might get lucky and find some. I might not. I might be sticking our old PCs out for catalog terminals when the Macs finally give it up.

I know which ones I'd use... I'd use the Dells with no drives. Inconvenient for everything else, great for catalog terminals. I think I probably could install Linux on them with my handy dandy external drive... I don't think Linux actually needs to boot from CD. You know, I honestly don't recall. I suppose I have enough internal spare drives kicking around that I could hook those suckers up to one and install Linux as the only OS. Linux rocks for catalog terminals. Actually, my Linux experiment is ideal for that.

Local history really needs more than one microfilm machine that prints. I had some patrons getting surly (well, okay, one. The other was fine about it) because they had to share. They each got an hour total. I never thought I'd see the day I wished there was a timer on the microfilm machine. Crikey.

Today there is a lot of schedule shifting because of the switch. I'm hoping that the network arrives a little later... I'm the only one on the desk till ten. I suppose I could stall them.

Not like it's too busy, either, or circ staff doesn't know where to find me. I could take the pager. Heh, information has a pager.

See the Amazon plog feature? Not a typo... a personalized blog. Mine shows the world what I ordered and when and where it's going to be delivered. Amazon keeps adding all these sucky new features. KISS (Keep it simple, stupids). And has anyone discovered a way to simply log out of Amazon? I would greatly appreciate it... I searched high and low for a log out button, and there seems to be none.

End of rant, hee hee.


I think there's a logout button near the top of the page, but if you delete the Amazon cookies I _know_ you'll be logged out.

You can't find iMac batteries? Tell me what kind and I'll browse for them. I am on an iMac list, even, and can ask where to get several at a time.

Log out>

Failing that, click "Help" at the bottom of an Amazon page, "more" under "privacy and security" and click "signing out". That should get you to the page I linked. Once you're there you can click the sign out button

Ah, yes. Deleting cookies would do it, you're right... Thanks. Didn't even think of that. It's a good thing to know for patrons, too, though, about the logout page...

I managed to finally find the iMac batteries at The Shack, of all places. Heh. Wonders never cease. They're a cruddy no name brand, but hey.

My PACs live on another day.