The Master Has Become the Slave

I heard this phrase on the radio the other day (NPR), and I think it applies in great degree to email communications. What was once a useful and sometimes efficient way of communicating with friends and business associates is turning into something that is just the opposite. Just as pollution is the air we breathe, spam is ever-present in our email. However, it's gotten beyond the level of just an is threatening the usefulness of what was once an easy method of being in touch.


Spam is certainly an annoyance. My OSU account gets about 60 a day. I don't know how people who work there can survive!

One of the biggest time wasters, however, is NOT picking up the phone to try to work out details of a committee, engagement, discussion, etc. Sometimes 10 e-mails fly back and forth, correcting, adjusting, clarifying. Two minutes on the phone with calendar in hand is usually the solution to that time waster.

and pelt to death with canned spiced meat product whoever is behind OptInRealBig

Ditto those Korean spammers, I'm their particular target for some reason.

The hunter is killing itself, perhaps? I don't know, but is sure seems that between spam, Trojans, virus', hackers, etc. the internet is quickly grinding away at its own success. Its very open-ness is its undoing.