Public support for USAPA slipping

Submitted by Dan G. on Thu, 04/29/2004 - 00:38

Daniel writes "The current Bill of Rights Defense Committee Newsletter cites polls indicating the public's support for the USA PATRIOT Act is slipping.A quote from the newsletter suggests that the gov't is starting to acknowledge the opposition:"Even the Department of Justice (DOJ) is starting to listen to the public: On March 21, 2004, Chuck Rosenberg, the chief of staff to the DOJ's Deputy Attorney General, admitted that the public's support of the Patriot Act is waning. At a panel in St. Louis following the passage of that city's resolution, Rosenberg acknowledged that his department is "losing this fight" to justify controversial parts of the Patriot Act."As I've told other people on this board, polls DO NOT show whether laws are just, only how people feel about them. Still, I'm happy to see that as more people become acquainted with the possibilities of the Act, the less they like the law."