Guns @ Your Library

This story from the Seattle Public Library is a bit dated, but worth reading.

When Seattle Public Library lifted its ban on guns in early November, officials there said they had done so because patrons had complained.

Internal library emails reveal that there was just one patron complaint in several years – a man with a Yahoo email account who didn’t identify himself as either a patron or Seattle resident.

That man, Dave Bowman, lives in Seattle and has a library card (which he uses, he noted in an email to KUOW), and said that he demanded the policy change on behalf of all gun owners. He described himself as “neither a conservative, nor liberal, but a libertarian.”

“I noticed one day that the library’s rules stated that firearms were not allowed on library property except by law enforcement,” Bowman said by email to KUOW. “I knew this rule was in violation of state law (and common sense) and brought it to their attention.”

Joe Fithian, the head of security for the library, replied to Bowman: “Much the same as eating and sleeping or being intoxicated are not against the law, (guns) are against our rules of conduct.”

But Bowman refused to back down and within two months, the library announced to its staff that it would drop the gun ban. Staff members could ask questions, but administrators were firm: On Nov. 4, the library would allow guns.

Do you allow guns at your library? Are there specific restrictions? Please comment below.


If the state law was being violated in banning guns in public buildings then I think the law needs to be followed.

You should be able to checkout guns at your library. If you want to draw the community to your library put in a shooting range.

Seattle did not have the power to prohibit the possession of a lawfully carried concealed weapon. It does have the power to prohibit discharge other than in the course of legal self defense, and may have the power to prohibit display. Ask a lawyer to be sure.

Remember, you can't spell AACR2 without AAC and R2LP

Nothing sensible about carrying a gun at the library.

Things can happen at the library just like anywhere.

If you think it is not sensible to carry a gun at the library then you are in the camp that don't think it is sensible to carry a gun anywhere

We ban handguns in our country, not just our libraries.

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