Why I just published a useless book.

I just used Kindle Direct Publishing to learn the steps so I could offer this as a library program, basically:

1. create document in Word
2. add chapter headings and format each chapter with an appropriate heading style
3. have Word build the table of contents based on chapters
4. save as "web page, filtered"
5. create account at Amazon
6. complete KDP account info, including W-9, bank routing and account number, for royalty payments
7. add book, enter book metadata, upload book, create cover, set price and sales countries
8. publish book

The book is called One Million Bananas, and it's just the word banana over and over 1,000,000 times. Which in hindsight is just way too many bananas. But now I can teach others, and that's the real purpose. Unless you buy a copy, or a thousand, then we'll see how I feel.



Here is a link to the book - http://goo.gl/9x9QnA

Email your friends and ask them to buy a copy. Awesome if this book went to #1 on Amazon.

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