And Yet Another Urbana Story...

Source: State Journal Register
Dateline: Urbana IL — Some Urbana residents are upset and calling for the library director's resignation after thousands of books were mistakenly removed from the shelves.
(See two previous articles below)

Director Debra Lissak says the removal at the Urbana Free Library was a "misstep" and some of the titles are being returned.

The (Champaign) News-Gazette says workers removed art, gardening, computer science, medicine and cooking books from the stacks when they were culling the collection to remove volumes that were more than a decade old.

About half the library's 66,000 adult non-fiction books meet that threshold, but not every older book was removed because the process was halted.


For what it's worth, the SJ-R is in Springfield, not Urbana.


The Associated Press is a great source of inter-newspaper cooperation. In this case the other paper is carrying coverage either an AP-employed stringer or a local reporter of an AP-affiliated paper wrote that got kicked up the wire to at least the state level for redistribution about the Urbana case. The dateline of Urbana says the story itself originates from Urbana according to AP style.

I haven't seen a kick to national level for redistribution quite just yet on this but time will tell.

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