Does the bookshelf have a place in the modern home?


I have noticed over the years that every so often magazines (and now blogs) feature beautiful spreads of book-filled rooms, with headlines like “Living With Books” or “The Pages of Our Lives.” Usually the images feature poetic, far-off places where leather volumes fill 15-foot-tall, wood-paneled shelves, or sparse rooms with gauzy curtains have stacks of books on the floor, standing like architectural columns. As a book lover, I find these rooms transporting and inspirational but totally out of touch. A growing number of people, I think, don’t have books. After all, who wants those heavy, clunky volumes when you can store a seemingly endless library on a device that weighs less than a single paperback?


The modern way to "have books" might be to use the library. Borrow books. Read and return books.

I think it is good for kids to have a small bookshelf in their room with some books that are their own. Small bookshelf like this:

This is also a place that kids can keep their library books when they are not reading them.

If someone were looking for a small bookcase for a kids room here is one that is $25 on Amazon so you can get free shipping even if you do not have Amazon Prime. Case has some really good reviews. The reviews take into account the cost the cost and materials the case is made of.

Big art books or graphic novels don't fit on little kindles or nooks the way I like them.

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