New website devoted to freeing imprisoned Cuban Librarians


InfoWhale writes "Karen Schneider, an ALA councilor and library leader, has helped librarians and supporters of libraries to create a new website aimed at helping other librarians take part in the widespread international campaign to free the imprisoned Cuban librarians. If you want to learn more, log on at:"


It is unfortunate that the ALA can't do this themselves.

It is unfortunate that this group is only a "loose coalition" according to their page. Apparently librarians are an apathetic group when it comes to real freedom and not lip service.

It is unfortunate that Cubans who manage to make it to the shores of the US can stay - a privilege not given to anyone else. If they can get something to float, an old truck, a boat, a bathtub and make it 90 miles they are free. This leaves Cuba bereft of anyone with any passion to change the situation in Cuba. Which is easier revolution or rowing.

It is unfortunate that Cuba is still controlled by Castro. The same Castro that imprisons Liberians. The thought police exist, they just went to the Islands.

Another site with more information in general on the plight of Cubans, Free Cuba>

Unfortunately, the ALA spends all it's energy on "strawmen" issues (like allowing children full access to pornography in public libraries).

United States et al. v. American Library Association, Inc., et>

Porn = freedom?
Apparently it does according to the ALA.

I belong to the ALA because it really is a 'must' for any librarian - at least any librarian who wants to get ahead in the profession.

The ALA's failure to vociferously condemn the actions of the Castro government evidenced by imprisonment of librarians - imprisonment of people for speaking out against the government is remarkably saddening.

The ALA claims to be nonpolitical, yet it makes Karl Marx look conservative.

I'll go today to work in a library in Cuba but unfortunately neither the US government nor the Cuban government will let me go.

The right to one's thoughts and opinions may not mean much to us because take them for granted, but to be jailed for loaning a book is certainly a crime of which all librarians would be guilty if our thoughts were restricted by the government. How blessed we are, how cursed Cuba's librarians are.

Viva la biblioteca, viva los bibliotecarios! Dios salve los bibliotecarios!

Are they associated with the American Booksellers Foundation for Freedom of Expression's ">" project?