LISTen: An Program -- Episode #228

This week's program deals with Wikipedia hoaxing, an Internet icon, and a miscellany of brief items.

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You should get rid of the long intro, and just start right at 0:30.

I am an aspiring librarian and was excited about a library podcast. Now I am not too sure. I see no reason for the Christian message in the activist segment. it adds nothing to the discussion except by showing the authors religious views. I recently received a bachelors in religious studies and consider myself a religiously neutral person, but this made me cringe. What was the point of adding the christian message? To mention only a Christian institution and not suggest others is extremely biased. And the mention of the president adds absolutely nothing to the overall message except a possible political bias in what should be politically neutral. The overall segment would be decent had these not been included.

Just go back and listen again. Think very hard while listening and ponder the flow of words. What do they sound like? Where do they flow from? Do they sound like a simple sermon outline or do they flow from somewhere else perhaps?

As to any remarks about President Obama, please stand advised that I am a Republican.

Why include the segment if you are just going to proselytize your views. This is a library podcast. Not a political nor religious podcast. Save those views for some other podcast. Anyways. This was the first and probably last ep I will listen to. Good job. Btw your point about the president isn't relevant whatsoever. People in a general sense have been depressed or whatever it is you were getting at way before this presidency.

I think the way to address StephenK's somewhat unique podcast is to continue to comment. If you find something objectionable make mention of it. If you like something make mention of it.

Of course people are always free not to listen and ultimately it is Blake's decision whether to allow the podcast to continue.

I think we should lean towards more speech not less. Maybe we need another podcast. If you are someone that does not like the StephenK podcast maybe you could do another.

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