Beyonce employs librarian to catalogue 50,000 hours of private home videos


Beyonce has reportedly hired a librarian to catalogue the reams of intimate footage of herself that she has secretly been amassing for almost ten years.

The 31-year-old singer is getting up to 50,000 hours of intimate home videos stored in a digital archive in a temperature-controlled room so she can access moments from her life at the touch of a button, the Sun reported.


Home videos? 50,000 hours? Over ten years? That's nearly 14 hours per day, seven days a week, for those ten years. How could she come up with 50,000 hours?

50,000 hours and she only hired ONE librarian?

People seem to forget that this material is a potential commodity, not just a personal archive.
If you have these things indexed then they can be pulled out and released on dvd's, in digital forms etc etc.
And it's all hers so she would make the money, not some agency.

'also revealed that the mother of one sometimes has herself recorded for up to 16 hours a day so she has almost every waking moment on tape.'

That's how she can do it.
Nice idea really. It's all too easy to think things are sold when really they are ephemeral.

Why would it need to be in a digital archive in a climate controlled room? Jam it on a server and back it up.

I'd sooner catalog dead sea slugs.

A librarian cataloging 50,000 hours of intimate videos? This is above and Beyonce the call of duty!

Also, she could have many clips from different angles of important stuff. At an awards show? All her people taking stuff from different angles, plus whatever fans took.

~ender, Duke_of_URL

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