Brooklyn Public Library's New Logo Misspells 'Brooklyn'


Brooklyn Public Library's New Logo Misspells 'Brooklyn'

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I like it. It tells of visual (and verbal) sophistication, not ignorance or, heaven forbid, impropriety. If all art is document, all documents, including a name, can be art.

Also has a book angle because it can be read book-lyn

Unfortunately the people who created it... did not consider the "Book-lyn" as a reasoning for what they did it seems. Also there is a pre-existing non-profit called "Booklyn." It also looks like they referenced the FedEx logo in the creation of this. Especially when used with the "Start Here" part of the logo.

If they'd spelled it "Broklyn" or "Brooklin" or even "Booklyn," the story's headline might make sense. As it is, they used an abbreviated form, deliberately, for effect. Odd how you don't get San Francisco agencies accused of spelling errors for using SF... There's no story here.

I agree with Urban Dictionary about Bklyn -


An "Acronym" for "Brooklyn". Widely used by people who feel need to prove they're from there. Or just lazy people, and some stupid people. It is sometimes used on MSN Messenger and various cell phones (Virgin Mobile, Fido ect.), txting back and forth. Maybe even spraypainted on buildings, and scribbled in bathroom stalls.

Some of us find "Bklyn" an absolutely horrendous and disgusting abbreviation for "Brooklyn". Annoys me more than "the big apple" does.

I think that logo is fine. It shows the library is up-to-date. What's wrong with a library being trendy?

Here is a blog post by the BKY Library about the new logo:!.aspx

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