There's Such Thing As A Wine Library And They Have A Wine Librarian!


And They Were Hiring Last Year!... What's the Wine Library?

•A special service and collection of the Sonoma County Library, the collection comprising 5,000 books on wine and related subjects, subscriptions and backfiles to over 80 wine-related periodicals.
•Located in the: Healdsburg Regional Library, 139 Piper St. (corner of Piper and Center), Healdsburg, Telephone 707-433-3772; Fax 707-433-7946.
•Wine Librarian Jon Haupt and the other professionals at the Healdsburg Library will be happy to get you the right article, bibliographic reference, photograph or piece of wine information. Contact them at the above numbers or send e-mail to: [email protected]
•A Business and Technical Library for the Sonoma County Wine Industry which helps fund it.
•An Historical Archive of Wine History worldwide, with a special emphasis on the rich history of wine in Sonoma County.
•Article on the Sonoma County Wine Library from the Bohemian.


I applied for that job, but didn't even get a call! Too bad, I would have loved it! Interesting choice that they made for the librarian...

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