LISTen: An Program -- Episode #207

We're back! LISTen is off hiatus with this episode. There are two essays of which one is inspired by a modest proposal made once upon a time by author Jonathan Swift. The other deals with infrastructure. A news miscellany is also presented.

By command of the producer, the following link is provided to the groceries wishlist she discusses in-episode:

Play this program directly in your browser if you use a modern Firefox or right-click to download: Ogg Vorbis Audio

Related links:

Bibliofuture's comment on political posts

Press release on author Nicholas Sparks

Announcement of the 2012 Dublin Core conference in Malaysia

Sec4Lib Wiki Revitalization

Glenn Harlan Reynolds on US electrical infrastructure dangers

Heritage Foundation on US electrical infrastructure preparedness

Commentary at The Washington Examiner on possible national electrical grid issues

The GAO report cited by The Washington Examiner above

Instapundit on news of Saylor Foundation offering free courses

Inside HigherEd on news of Saylor Foundation offering free courses in concert with Excelsior College

Catalogablog on the release of a Digital Curation Resource Guide

Karen Coyle on “The Success Paradox”

France24 on Google re-ranking downward sites with high amounts of take-downnotices

Cyrus Farivar on the Google re-ranking issue

France24 on Mark Thompson taking the helm at the New York Times

The Verge on rumors of a new satellite broadband offering for rural USA

Cyrus Farivar on CleanIT plans in Europe

The Register on the Iranian clean national intranet deployment date slipping again

Glynn Moody on paying for F/LOSS programs

“Mitt the Fraudulent, Murdering, Death-Squad Profiteer — And It’s Only August 10!”

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The only worthwhile thing about that was that the comments gave it back to the author. In any event, nothing library there. I get enough political BS everywhere else. Don't make me stop following this blog!

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