Go the F*** to Sleep, the library edition (NSFW)

I didn't make any pictures, but I got the idea from a cartoon by Emily Lloyd and the research from that story about students not knowing how to search on the Internet. Maybe I'll find some public domain pix of tigers and stuff and illustrate it later... enjoy...

Edit: (NSFW = NOT SAFE FOR WORK which means if you're easily offended don't read it)

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Is this what LISNews has degenerated to - cheap vulgarity - without even a warning label that something contains offensive language? Not to mention, it was hardly necessary to create a vulgar poem for this topic. Somebody has too much time on their hands!

I believe that this post had NSFW - Not safe for work - in the title from when it was posted. If you do not know what NSFW means you should. Also what did you think the "F***" in the title was?

Ha! Hilarious. To quote Homer (Simpson, of course): "It's funny 'cause it's true!"

Thanks for sharing.

... and I forgot to mention: I own a copy of the book this was inspired by. And there are days when I can honestly say I completely understand why vulgarity is called for in both scenarios!

of Cee Lo Green's song??

if you saw Emily Lloyd's comic about this, she rhymed 'search' and admitted it was difficult to create much from it. but it's lots easier to rhyme with 'you,' so I chose that...

if I could come up with more verses, I'd publish an illustrated pdf, but that seems too much like work. besides I said all I had to say.


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