Operation Reading Road Trip


Operation Reading Road Trip This is a record of our family's goal to visit each of the 37 branches of the Buffalo and Erie County Public Library System (B&ECPL) in one year. At each location we will get a log book signed and dated, take our photo and check out a book(s). Through this endeavor we hope to remind citizens of Erie County and beyond of the important uses of our public library system. Please comment on our adventures. Our quest began on the last day of school in 2010; June 25th. Here we go...


I thought it was you dragging all those million children around Buffalo environs...

I'll have my Chauffeur do it.

I want my library to create a program around it to have families visit each branch and enter a raffle for a prize.. but also have special events that promote each branch and/or the area the branch serves.

not sure how it would work if your system has 50+ branches...

-- me

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