The search for America’s Most Glamorous Librarian


So really, there are two ways to play:

1) Guess the number of fashion-forward librarians I can photograph in three days at the ALA conference and comment here or on our Facebook page. We’ll select a winner July 1.

2) Nominate your library’s candidate for America’s Most Glamorous Librarian. Share your nominees by commenting with a link to your photo/post, e-mailing us @ [email protected], or simply posting your photo/post on our Facebook page. This competition ends July 30.


Hello! I'm Adrienne Chamberlin, and I'd like to nominate Christina Thompson, a former classmate of mine. I don't work with her, but if it's all right to submit her, I am. She is the Public Services Librarian and the College Archivist at Hendrix College in Conway, AR. She is on Facebook, and will be presenting at ALA here -
Networking in a Tough Economy: Using Social Media to Build Your Personal Brand and Improve Your Chances of Getting Hired.

I hope this photo comes out! Thank you!

Hi Adrienne,

You need to nominate your friend (great pic by the way) on the Facebook page for it to count.

I guess 263 fashion forward librarians will be photographed at ALA - Dawn LW

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